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Lynn Nottage

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Lynn Nottage

Object: A Lobi fertility sculpture from Burkino Faso

Occupation: Playwright

Place: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. My backyard, it is where we summer.

My mother acquired this sculpture during her travels through West Africa in the 1960’s.

After my mother’s death, I found myself particularly drawn to this wooden sculpture. The piece has an intensity and subtle beauty that reminds me very much of her. It’s made of wood, but it’s deceptively heavy piece and not easily moved. It somehow how captures the raw spirit of my mother, who was an ardent feminist, activist and teacher. At first glance, the sculpture appears to be a simple and rough rendering of the female form, but upon further inspection this deeply textured piece is a celebration of strength and femininity. It remains my favorite piece of art in my house. I touch it every single day.

Often, when I have writer’s block or I find myself over complicating some aspect of my work, I revisit this piece of art because it illustrates how few tools are necessary to create something indelible.