The Object

Universally for all people, objects hold stories, power and history. No matter who we are, where we live in the world, what our social or economic situation may be, we have this in common. I am photographing internationally a diverse range of people each with their object that is the most significant of their lives, taken at a personal location of each subject's choosing. The presence of the individual's significant object immediately reveals personal information that would not be forthcoming in a traditional portrait. My project, "The Object" is a collaborative effort. Each person photographed writes about their object and it's significance to them. Often their statements are moving, fascinating and incredibly intimate.

The subjects of my photographic project come from different stages in the cycle of life, from children to the very elderly. I am photographing the extravagantly wealthy, the famous, people who have an abundance of possessions, to the marginalized and unknown who fit all of theri possessions in a shopping cart.

I have discovered through this project that due to economic circumstances, there is a general difference in the significant objects that are chosen. People who are challenged economically often chose objects that makes a difference in their survival, others often have objects that are attached to an experience or an important person in their lives, and many times the object itself does not have great monetary value.

The images vary in style as a result of the environment and perimeters set by each subject. The location is chosen by them, I ask that it is a personal space that is part of their lives. I usually do not know what the object is until I arrive. I come with only my camera and a few lenses, and use only available light. My intent is that my photograph represents their various lives and personalities.

It is my goal to photograph in many more countries and to represent as wide as possible people with their signifcant objects.