• Vanna


Object: Air Compressor

Occupation: Garage Owner

Age: Late twenties, early 30's

Location: In my garage in Vat Siem Reap at Vat Sway Village, Cambodia

I got my air compressor with money from my parents and that I saved. The compressor made it so I could start my own business. It was the first thing I needed to start my business. It was what I needed most. I use it every day.

I learned to do repairs from a friend for less money then he would charge someone else. I really like my job from the day I first learned it. I stayed with it and now it is good and I have my own garage. I use the air compressor for many things: for bikes, and motorcycle and even to clean. I have owned it for three years. I have had my own shop for six months. I started my business somewhere else but did not get enough customers so I moved and now things are good. I would never sell my air compressor.