Sam Breslin Wright

Sam Breslin Wright

  • Sam Breslin Wright

Sam Breslin Wright

Object: Diorama

Occupation: Actor

Age: 40

Location: At home in Brooklyn, where I live with my wife.

My object is a diorama made for me by my wife of where we went on our third date in Prospect Park. She gave it to me in New Haven, Connecticut on November 2011, at the time she was my girlfriend.

My wife made it for me as a gift to keep on my dressing table at the theatre when I was working at Yale Rep. It was and is my favorite gift I have ever received. It reminded me of the afternoon spent falling in love. The moment I realized I had found my person.

I remember that when Sara gave me this gift that I cried. It was so beautiful to me that she took the time to make it. She is so talented, caring and creative a person. And generous. The best thing about it was without discussing it, we both had remembered that moment, that place, as a crucial and defining moment of our growth as couple. It was so lovely to know that she saw it in a similar fashion. And that she made a tiny version for me to hold onto forever.