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Pablo Holmes

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Pablo Holmes

Object: A Victorian Object. Pink Glass Pedestal and bowl with hanging prisms. Odd looking and friends that come to the apartment always wonder what the hell it is and what was its purpose.

Occupation: Production Stage Manager at Actors Theatre of Louisville

Age: 63

Location: My home at The Mayflower Apartments on Louisville, KY

I acquired it after my Mother died in 1999. When she died I was the only one of the 4 kids who wanted it. This was a favorite piece of my mothers when she was a little girl growing up in Pendleton Indiana. She would visit her uncle in Indianapolis and this piece sat by a window in the big house and caught the morning sunlight. When Uncle Had was going to downsize to an apartment he gave it Ma and she placed it by a window in our house in Ohio and we got to watch the sunlight hit it in the afternoons. We were as entranced as she was. She called it the Pink Dangly.

My Mom was a pretty amazing lady. She was very funny, sly, had an impish quality and loved a good time. When she was some where around 50 she opened a bookstore with a good friend who fronted the money and had a very successful business for 20 years. She had eclectic taste and I have inherited some of that so my appreciation of things Victorian (The Pink Dangly) goes right along with my taste for deco design, American dinnerware from the 40’s and 50’s and an odd attachment to plastic items from the same period. That I can get a great deal of pleasure by having these things surround me makes me feel content and the Pink Dangly in particular stirs many happy childhood memories and of the great lady that was my mother.